how it all began...

She was luscious, she was hot and she was true eye candy. Her name: Honda Monkey! She made a little kid’s blood boil and triggered a passion that continued through to this day.


But just like in real life, first love doesn’t last very long and soon, the little Monkey was replaced by mopeds. Spare parts and speeding-tickets devoured far too much money until finally, at the age of eighteen, I was allowed to lay hands on ‘real’ motorcycles.


From now on, most of my motorcycling career evolved around Enduros and Super-Motos until that day when I encountered another model that made my head spin. This time it was a customized Yamaha SR 400.


I was thrilled and determined to own such a bike and wanted to build one for myself. Shortly thereafter, a SR 500 was pushed into my workshop and while transforming it into a Cafe Racer, it became obvious that customizing motorcycles was my new passion. That’s why, among other projects, a transformed Suzuki GN400 as well as other bikes followed shortly thereafter.

Out of passion for designing and building custom motorcycles, I founded Hombrese Bikes, a private workshop and think thank specialized in customizing stock motorcycles.


So if you got any ideas for bikes or parts floating in your mind but lack the tools or skills to realize them by yourself , feel free to contact me by means of the contact form on this site. If you’re not in a hurry, Hombrese Bikes might help you find your own, personal motorcycle-happiness.


So long, take care and relax…


U. Kostrewa / Hombrese Bikes